Attorney David Rashid Helps Family Obtain A $3 Million Jury Award In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a 35-year-old Arlington Heights woman pursued a wrongful death lawsuit based on her untimely death in a routine surgery. The jury award led to a settlement between the parties. Attorney David Rashid represented the woman's mother and cousin in a suit meant to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2013 surgery.

The elective surgery to remove a benign uterine fibroid ended in tragedy when the woman suffered cardiac arrest after extended oxygen deprivation. The suit alleged that the surgeon failed to respond properly to changes in the woman's blood pressure and heart rate during the procedure. The jury agreed, ultimately deciding on a monetary award of $3 million. The final settlement amount was based on negotiations between the parties.

To read an article on the settlement in the case, please view the May 14, 2019 Daily Herald story entitled, "Jury awards $3 million to family of Arlington Heights woman in wrongful-death suit" by Barbara Vitello.

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