Lyft will pay a fine of $10,000 for failing to report a violent driver — and that’s not nearly enough - Chicago Sun-Times

In the wake of the vigilant legal efforts of Wise Morrissey's Michael Gallagher, the Chicago Sun-
Times has called for at least a tenfold increase in the fines the City of Chicago imposes on ride-hailing companies for failing to report violent drivers.

Following continuing coverage by the Chicago Sun-Times' Mitch Dudek of the kicking death of taxi driver Anis Tungekar by an Uber driver and the earlier failure of Lyft to report that driver's prior violence, the City of Chicago imposed a $10,000 fine on Lyft. WM's Gallagher has said he may amend the lawsuit he filed against Uber to include Lyft for its cavalier attitude toward monitoring and reporting its drivers' violent behavior.