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Medical malpractice lawsuit settled for over $12 million

Thanks to modern technology and updated safety regulations, surgical procedures in Illinois these days are much safer than previous decades. However, no surgery is truly risk-free. When humans are involved, there will always be a chance for errors. Tragically, patients suffer the consequences of medical malpractice

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed in another state claimed that negligent care resulted in a young boy losing his leg. The lawsuit said the boy, who was 5 years old, underwent a surgical procedure to remove his tonsils and adenoids. According to the lawsuit, the child had complications during the procedure and had to be resuscitated.  The lawsuit claimed that doctors punctured both of the boy's femoral arteries in an attempt to establish lines in them. The boy was transferred to the intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator, the lawsuit said.

Truck accidents: Tips for sharing the road with tractor-trailers

Highways and interstates in Illinois are heavily utilized by commercial traffic. For motorists in passenger vehicles, traveling near large trucks like tractor-trailers can be incredibly intimidating. Because tractor-trailers are so massive, truck accidents involving passenger vehicles are more likely to end in severe injuries or death. The following tips could be helpful in preventing accidents when sharing roadways with tractor-trailers.

Always remember to give tractor-trailers plenty of space and stay out of blind spots. Tractor-trailers have huge blind spots on all four sides. Motorists should keep in mind that, if they cannot see the truck driver in the truck's side-view mirror, the truck driver cannot see them. In order to pass a tractor-trailer, signal clearly and pass promptly. Do not linger in the blind spots.

Car accidents: Life lost in tragic head-on crash

According to recent statistics, Illinois has one of the highest numbers of licensed drivers in the United States. Those who visit and reside here know that roadways across the state are constantly crowded and congested. To make matters worse, it seems a higher percentage of drivers these days are distracted by cellphones or other electronic devices. To prevent car accidents, drivers must always remain focused and attentive behind the wheel. Unfortunately, driving is a privilege that is too often taken for granted.

A recent crash near Northfield killed one person and critically injured another. The accident happened along Edens Expressway during the late evening hours. According to reports, the driver of a southbound sedan suddenly lost control of the vehicle and veered into the median.

Serious car accidents continue to increase across the state

These days, just getting behind the wheel and going for a short drive can result in a serious accident. It seems roadways across the state of Illinois are bustling with traffic at all hours of the day. Drivers need to be cautious and attentive at all times as they attempt to navigate heavily trafficked areas. However, with so many vehicles sharing the same streets and highways, car accidents are inevitable. Despite stringent traffic laws and updated safety measures, serious and fatal crashes continue to increase every year.

A recent two-vehicle crash in Whiteside County resulted in a citation for one drive and serious injuries for another. The accident happened in the afternoon at the intersection of Bunker Hill Road at Lyndon Road. According to reports, one driver was traveling westbound on Bunker Hill Road and approaching an intersection.

The relationship between BAC and safe driving

The legal blood alcohol concentration limit here in Illinois is 0.08%. However, that does not give a free pass to anyone with a BAC lower than that. Alcohol affects people differently, and even a couple of drinks could be enough to make someone's driving unsafe.

The more you know about the relationship between the consumption of alcohol and its effects on driving ability, the more likely you are to make sure you don't drive with any alcohol in your system.

Factors that contribute to fatalities involving cranes

Workplace injuries happen every day across the country, and undoubtedly, some occur here in Chicago. If you work in an industry in which you use large vehicles or equipment, you may find yourself attempting to do your job while remaining vigilant. Sometimes, you can only hope that the operators of those vehicles or pieces of equipment are doing the same.

For instance, if you work with or around cranes, you know that they present a source of danger for you. However, simply saying that a certain number of fatalities occur each year that involve cranes isn't enough. You need to know from where the danger comes.

Chances are, you're sharing Chicago roadways with drunk drivers

Every time you get behind the wheel to drive in Illinois, you are entering unknown territory. There's no way to predict what sort of circumstances might arise while you're traveling by motor vehicle from one location to another. Some road trips might be uneventful if you're lucky enough to have the road to yourself or there is very little traffic.

Even if there aren't a lot of cars on the road at a particular moment in time, you may still be at great risk for injury if one of the cars that happens to be nearby has a drunk driver at the wheel. If you learn how to recognize the signs of a possibly intoxicated motorist, you can increase your chances of avoiding collision. However, no matter how cautious and alert you are, if another person is negligent or reckless, you might be in great danger.

You don't have to fall asleep to be a danger on the roads

You certainly wouldn't think of letting yourself fall asleep as you drive. If you were that tired, you would find another way to get to your destination or not drive until you've rested at least some. However, you may not think twice of driving drowsy.

You certainly aren't alone. These days, getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep may only happen on the weekend, if at all. Your obligations to work, family and friends often mean that you need an extra shot of caffeine in the morning just to get going. The problem is that even being drowsy presents a danger to you and everyone else if you get behind the wheel.

This might be why there are so many truck accidents in Illinois

How often do you navigate Illinois roadways as a motorist? Whether you have a lengthy daily commute to and from work or you are fortunate enough to work from home, thereby reducing the time you spend on the road, you've likely encountered travel situations that have caused you stress. Especially at this time of year, when there is more traffic because of holiday shopping, you are wise to be as cautious and alert as possible whenever you get behind the wheel.

More people shopping means more trucks on the road as well, since a lot of people like to shop online and have their goods delivered right to their doorsteps. Driving on a road when there are few to no other vehicles increases the chances that you will safely arrive at your chosen destination. When there are a lot of trucks on the road, however, you might be at great risk for serious injury.

Your Illinois obstestrician knows when to order a C-section

As you navigate approximately nine months of pregnancy, you no doubt have experienced a vast array of emotions. You might feel excited and overjoyed as you near your due date and prepare to hold your baby for the first time. You might also be worried about a particular issue or have an overall feeling of anxiety that something might go wrong. Such feelings are typical, and discussing them with your licensed obstetrician or midwife may help alleviate stress.

You can take comfort in knowing that your doctor is closely monitoring yours and your baby's conditions; at least, he or she should be doing so. You can also trust that your doctor is aware of symptoms that are causes for concern, such as issues that would warrant a C-section delivery instead of a vaginal birth. Such signs may surface ahead of time, so that your doctor has time to schedule a cesarean birth. Then again, problems can also arise unexpectedly during labor.

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