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WM Partner David Wise Secures $1.75M Jury Verdict for Injured Pilot

David C. Wise, name partner in noted Chicago plaintiffs’ law firm Wise Morrissey, LLC (WM), secured a $1.75 million verdict (reduced to $1.25 million) from a Cook County jury in May 2013 on behalf of an 50-year old injured Air Wisconsin pilot. Mr. Wise’s client, James Reiners, fell on an icy patch of tarmac at Chicago’s O’Hare when he stepped off the stairs leading from his small aircraft to a lined path on the tarmac. Because of the fall he injured a disc in his back and his career was effectively ended, because he could no longer sit for required flying times due to his injury.

The Cook County jury award to Mr. Wise’s client included amounts for pain and suffering, loss of normal life, medical care, and lost salary and benefits. The case was featured in a Chicago Sun-Times story. Mr. Wise and other WM lawyers have successfully handled many such personal injury / negligence cases involving loss from slip-and-fall accidents, including those in workplace settings.