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$3.2 Million Record Jury Verdict For Mother Of Four Killed By School Van

A 69-year-old mother of four was walking northbound on a residential street in Wilmette, Illinois, when she was struck from the rear and killed by a van owned by Wilmette School District 39. We represented the woman’s four children in litigation against both the district and the driver of the van, who had been ticketed for failure to avoid a pedestrian on the roadway. After four years of investigation and procedural effort, the matter finally came to trial in Cook County Circuit Court. After a five-day courtroom proceeding, Wise Morrissey, LLC obtained a $3.2 million jury verdict for the family, which was the highest known verdict for a wrongful death case involving a person over the age 65 in Cook County.

$3.2 Million

L. v. Wilmette School District No. 39