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$3.4 Million Settlement For Malpractice Involving A Cervical Fracture

Our client, a retired engineer with a long-standing inflammatory condition of the cervical spine, complained of neck pain after a minor fall. After x-rays revealed a cervical fracture, he was transferred first to a hospital, then to a regional spinal cord injury center, where he was told there was no cervical fracture before being discharged. Still experiencing pain, he again was x-rayed and found to have a cervical fracture, but was sent home by a neurosurgeon to await surgery. Three days later he died, survived by his wife and three grown children). We demonstrated medical malpractice that violated the standard of care, and we secured a $3.4 million settlement that included the purchase of college trust funds for the man’s grandchildren.

$3.4 Million

L. v Northwestern Memorial Hospital