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The Dangers Of Fatigued Truck Drivers

Federal regulations strictly limit the hours a commercial truck driver can work and require specific number of hours between shifts. But investigative reports show that in some instances fatigued operators work up to 20 hours without breaks, resulting in the kind of fatigue that causes accidents.

If you suffered injuries or lost a family member because of trucking company or driver negligence, you will need an attorney who has considerable experience with these cases. At Wise Morrissey, LLC in Chicago, our lawyers have extensive experience in trucking accident cases. We know how to investigate these accidents and determine who is liable for your losses. Whether you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim, we can help.

It is not unusual for trucking companies to give drivers unrealistic timelines. To meet these timelines, drivers may work extra hours without recording them in their logbooks. If we uncover logbook violations, we can hold the driver and trucking company accountable for your losses.

We Understand The Complex Illinois And Federal Laws Governing Truck Accidents

Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients in trucking accident cases. Please speak with us to learn how we may be able to help you. You can reach us at 312-985-0930 or online. Your consultation is free.