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We Protect Your Interests In Medical Malpractice Cases

At Wise Morrissey, LLC, we know that medical malpractice can have devastating effects on individuals and families. We have a long and impressive history of successfully representing people who have suffered injury or death due to medical malpractice. We understand the high barriers that have to be cleared to prove that malpractice occurred. It’s not enough to show that a health care professional simply violated the standard of care.

We focus on proving that you or your loved one suffered an injury — such as brain damage, paralysis or death — that would not have occurred without negligence by the care provider. That negligence can involve such critical issues as:

Having handled medical malpractice cases throughout Illinois and in other states, we know that litigation can be expensive to pursue, and success can depend on how your lawyer understands not only the law, but also the complex interaction of medical requirements and expertise. We bring to your case the skills of experienced trial lawyers who have won millions of dollars in just compensation for clients and received significant peer recognition for professional accomplishment.

We approach every medical malpractice matter extremely well-prepared and with in-depth knowledge of insurance defense tactics. We have a thorough understanding of how medical professionals reach a diagnosis, what risk factors and symptoms they typically consider, and by what criteria negligence can be identified. This enables us to build effective cases for judges and juries.

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