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Did Your Doctor Misdiagnose Your Illness?

Inaccurate diagnosis of a medical condition negatively impacts medical treatment and how well a patient responds to medical care. A study by researchers from Johns Hopkins University, and reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), showed that diagnosis errors account for more than a third of malpractice claim settlements and cause likely preventable injury or death for up to 160,000 patients each year.

When misdiagnosis results in physical pain, emotional distress or death because a health problem was overlooked or improperly addressed, the experienced lawyers at Wise Morrissey, LLC are skilled at recovering compensation. We investigate each malpractice claim, using medical experts to help us build strong cases.

Often there are warning signs of the negligence that led to misdiagnosis such as lack of clear communication between doctors, misinterpretation of test results or failure to recognize the seriousness of health issues that patients have raised. In fact, more than half of misdiagnosis errors involve the ordering of diagnostic tests or the taking of patient history information.

Statistics show that pneumonia, congestive heart failure, kidney failure and cancer are among the medical conditions most frequently misdiagnosed, and the consequences can be frightening:

  • 38 percent of misdiagnosis incidents cause considerable harm
  • 35 percent result in very serious harm or permanent damage
  • 14 percent mean immediate or inevitable death

Our Attorneys Can Guide You Through Your Case

Illinois medical malpractice cases are complex, but we can help you through it. Tell us about your case by calling 312-985-0930 or contacting us online. Your consultation is free.


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