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We Understand The Devastation Of Birth Injuries

In such traumatic circumstances when medical professionals have been negligent in their duty of care to infants and expectant mothers, clients depend on legal counsel from Wise Morrissey, LLC. We have the medical malpractice experience to secure appropriate financial compensation for birth injuries and a child’s subsequent medical needs for therapy, surgery or care, even if injuries are not apparent for months or years afterward.

Successful delivery of a healthy child depends on many factors, including the skills used and care taken by doctors and other attendants. An error before, during or immediately after delivery can mean devastating damage to an infant such as:

If your child suffered a birth injury, you need a compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Our attorneys are parents, too, and never forget that your family needs a supportive advocate right now. We’ll treat you with care as we pursue full and fair compensation for you.

Get The Answers You Need

We offer free consultations to discuss your case. Please call our Chicago office at 312-985-0930 today. You can contact us via email if you prefer.


$895,454.54 Malpractice Settlement Reached In Placental Abruption Infant Death

A 6-day-old infant girl died as the result of a placental abruption. The infant required renal dialysis and multiple blood transfusions. Other medical conditions included…

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$32 Million Jury Verdict For Cerebral Palsy From Birth Injury

A 7-year-old boy suffers from cerebral palsy, critical blindness, and is fed through a tube following a hospital staff’s failure to recognize numerous signs of…

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$35 Million Settlement For Brain Injury At Birth

We represented the mother of a 5-year-old boy who suffered a severe brain injury during birth. The child’s injuries were sustained as doctors performed an…

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$20.25 Million Jury Verdict For Fetal Distress Injuries

A newborn suffered brain damage and severe cerebral palsy after hospital staff failed to recognize hours of fetal distress.

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$6 Million Settlement For Birth Injury

A newborn was born with cerebral palsy after being deprived of oxygen for 40 minutes during delivery.

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$15 Million Settlement In Birth Injury Diagnosis Delay

A boy was born brain damaged with chronic seizures and limited movement as the result of a physician’s alleged failure to act on numerous warning…

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$9.75 Million Settlement For Child’s Birth Injury

Our client was a west suburban mother whose daughter suffered a severe brain injury during childbirth because her doctors were too aggressive in inducing labor….

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$6.95 Million Jury Verdict For Birth Brain Injury

Delays in delivering an infant caused a lack of oxygen to reach his brain, resulting in spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cortical blindness and intractable seizures.

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$16.6 Million Birth Injury Jury Verdict

A girl suffers from cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and seizures after her cesarean section birth was inappropriately delayed, causing her to suffer brain damage.

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$3.27 Million Jury Award For Traumatic Birth Injury

We represented a mother whose newborn suffered a severe stretch injury to the right side brachial plexus nerves (which resulted in permanent strength and range….

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